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Commuincation Paper - 739 Words

Effective Communication Documentation and vocal communication are the primary forms of communication in a nursing setting that is long-term (LTC). It is required of the nursing care staff and physicians to document all aspects of patient care. When documentation is considered to be effective, it provides a patient’s response to the care given as well as a legal record of the care. When one goes about documenting in this form it is considered to be written communication to those who will be providing care to the patient in the future. In the beginning of a nurse’s shift, a report is documented of the activities from the last shift of nurses verbally. Without this form of vocal communication between nurses, med techs, and CNAs would have†¦show more content†¦Charting helps to communicate through documentation which needs were met and if they were any changes in the resident’s behavior. Shift Report The time nurses collaborate and share information with oth er nurses, med techs, and CNAs coming on duty for the following shift is called the shift report. This notifies all staff on duty of what is required of them on this shift and what happened previously on the latest shift. Shift report is also a time to communicate any observation, ideas, and thoughts concerning the patients. CNAs spend the majority of time with the residents and usually are the first to notice even subtle of changes in the residents under their care. Changes in urinary and bowel continence, appetite, behavior, mood, and sleeping habits are first seen by the CNA. Effective communicate is necessary not only for a healthy work environment but also for the betterment of the patient’s health. Having the ability to communicate observations openly with the nurse is necessary in certifying the residents are getting the best care possible. Ineffective Communication Communicating by documentation is an effective way for nursing facility personnel to communicate about what the patient needs. The information transferred from staff member to staff member must be accurate, timely, and easily read by anyone seeking the informationShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Structure Paper1230 Words   |  5 PagesOrganizational Structure Paper For the past 3 years, I have worked for a company called 2020 communications. This company has many different contracts with other companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and other wireless providers. As a Territorial Manager I do not work for these global wireless companies, we manage the territories and make sure that the actual stores are selling the company’s products and services. 2020 Communications has a simple structure that consists of a single individual that runsRead MoreThe World s Most Lastest Technology7184 Words   |  29 Pageshave free reign in propaganda campaigns but also allowed the governments to have political chess matches when interacting on the world stage. The purpose of this paper is to look at how the fear of the WMD paved the way for the development of the internet’s forerunner the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (APARNET). The paper will look at the cultural climate of the United States and how fear paved the way for big Science and the hope for outclassing the USSR. The Early development

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Student Athletes s Academic Self Concept And Academic...

The study sought to address and understand how the â€Å"dumb-jock† stereotype influences a student’s academic self-concept and academic identity. Student-athletes have multiple identities while in college which can be influenced by stereotype threat. Academic identity and athletic identity both heavily influence a student’s self-perception. The researchers surveyed collegiate athletes across gender, race, ethnicity, athletic division, and sport about their experiences as student-athletes at their respective institutions. The authors presented data they collected to understand students’ experiences of stereotype threat, examined implications of the findings, and gave recommendations for how to best support student-athletes while reducing†¦show more content†¦The assessment created was a survey collecting self-reported data from students who received an electronic questionnaire and elected to respond. The Structural Equation Model seems appropriate for assessing the relationships between variables selected as it relates to athletic identity, academic identity, and coaches’ perspectives. Colleges and universities were chosen to participate in the study based on connections and recommendations from experts working with athletes in higher education as well as through, snowball references and cold-calls. After going through the Institutional Review Board, internal contacts provided the survey to student-athletes using existing listservs. This approach gave students the option to opt out of the survey. The rate of return for the survey was 18.32% which was less than 1/5th of the students contacted. This approach to collecting data did not result in a high enough rate of return to accurately represent subpopulations of student-athletes, who likely opted out of the study because of its’ focus on educational experiences. The snowball approach to collecting data is not representative of students, colleges, or universities. Most of the respondents are considered low-profile sport participants. 64% of the respondents were women. 91% of allShow MoreRelatedThe Relationshi p Between Academic Performance Of Sports And Non-Student Athletes4602 Words   |  19 PagesUnderstanding motivations and how or why certain students breed success over specific periods of time within different realms has been a consistent and timeless issue. Educators search endlessly to make those connections and find correlations between certain students and what makes some perform exceptionally better academically than others. Within the same cohort of students, how can one group seemingly elevate themselves to higher levels of academic success than others? Why do extracurricular activitiesRead MoreEffects of Interscholastic Sports on Academic Achievement3231 Words   |  13 PagesRunning head: EFFECTS OF INTERSCHOLASTIC SPORTS ON PARTICIPANTS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. Function of Interscholastic Sports and Their Effect on Participants Academic Achievement. #8195; Function of Interscholastic Sports and Their Effect On Academic Achievement While the first account of humans engaged in learning may well be the story of Adam and Eve, the origins of team sports are virtually unknown. Perhaps, team sport pre-dates the origins of the Olympic Games inRead MoreStereotypes And Stereotypes Of African American Students Essay1148 Words   |  5 Pagesof people sharing common physical, biological or racial characteristics. Focusing on education, African American students had consistently been negatively stereotyped about their intellectual abilities. Research indicates that racial stereotypes negatively affect African American students’ academic performance. This correlation, though, is clearest among salient African American students, implying that psychological factors may result from these discriminations. African American children demonstrateRead MoreSports : A Major Influence On Youth Development Essay1755 Words   |  8 PagesBenefits of Sports Nelson Mandela once said â€Å"sports have the power to change the world† (Sanchez, 2014). Sports are a major influence on youth development, affecting physical health, mental health, social skills, contributing to academic success, building character, and creating valuable lessons. They can provide opportunities to exercise, spend time with friends and compete in a healthy environment, while also reducing the rates of juvenile arrests, teen pregnancies and school dropouts (FoundationRead MoreEqual Pay Act And Title Ix1485 Words   |  6 Pages1988, in the 2007-2008 academic year, institutions yielded a net gain of 2, 342 women’s teams added to varsity rosters (Pickett, Dawkins, Braddock, 2012). There are now more than 174,000 female collegiate athletes thanks to Title IX (Koller, 2010). Though there has been a substantial increase in female athletic participation, this number is still nowhere near the participation of male athletes. Many women still do not participa te in sports due to discrimination and the concept of equality in TitleRead MoreNotes On Self Determination Psychology1363 Words   |  6 Pages Self Determination Psychology Dillan Watts Chapman University Self-Determination Psychology In 1874, Charles Darwin first stated human beings principal motives were based upon survival and reproduction. Emotions are often interrelated fluctuating human behavior, confirming motives are more than just biological responses (Yake and Patry, 2014). A broad way to classify motives is in two categories: deficiency and learned motives. Some psychologists distinguish this through motivated reasoningRead MoreThe Theory Of Motivation And Learning1099 Words   |  5 Pagesmorals to cultural backgrounds. The actions completed to remain committed are critical factors to shaping one’s personality, allowing differential elements of a person (Mayer, 2005). Deci and Ryan (1985) relate autonomy the key motive to self-determination. The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) identifies essential developmental tendencies— the need for competence, relatedness and autonomy. Humans are driven for personality development and social empowerment. The digression of the way SDT works resultRead MoreHigher Learning, By John Singleton1309 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst-year college students: Malik Williams (Malik), Kristen Connor (Kristen), and Remy. At Columbus university, barriers exist between race, sexuality, and economic status. Students are faced with the challenges of achieving academic success, while also overcoming those barriers. For Malik, Kristen, and Remy, the ensuing encounters cause them to examine their life and reshape their identity. Malik, one of the main characters, is an African American track athlete, who struggles with academics. He feelsRead MoreGender, Gender And Sexuality Essay1295 Words   |  6 PagesGender and Sexuality Gender and sexuality are problematically understood and represented in Australian classrooms because of the presence of gender bias and the marginalisation of sexually diverse students, which reflects the patriarchal society that we live in. It is important to acknowledge that issues related to gender and sexuality are not just issues for older children and teenagers. They are just as applicable to young children who are at a very impressionable and susceptible stage of theirRead MoreRacism on College Campuses4582 Words   |  19 Pagesdirectly observe and examine the way American College students perceive the notion of race on college campuses and how they believe it can be used to a persons advantage or disadvantage. I used two different kinds of research in this paper; interviews among 4 students from 4 different universities across the United States to provide a deep and personal understanding of the topic and by surveying in an open-ended questionnaire 10 American students from Auburn University in Alabama to provide a more

English Home Reading Project Free Essays

Todd Bowden is a boy who wants to be a detective when he gets older. He has been doing good in school and in his free time he runs background checks on people he sees. His neighbor Mr. We will write a custom essay sample on English Home Reading Project or any similar topic only for you Order Now Dussander was one of the people he did this too. He found out that he was using a fake name and was once referred to as the blood fiend of patin the only true thing about his life was that he was very old. When Todd confronts him about it he realizes that this secret is bigger than he thought. Todd soon starts to wonder about why he was called blood fiend so he started to ask some questions about it. When Dussander refuses, Todd black-males him into giving the stories. Todd starting to let his grades drop and when his first high school report card comes home he tries to change his grades with ink remover. He does this several times thought the novella. As the story’s get more and more graphic Todd begins to come almost psychopathic. He starts to make Dussander wear these awful Nazi suits and recite saying that he used to say during the war. Dussander starts to have nightmares about the war and find a gruesome way to cope with the stress. Because he used to work in one of the crematoriums, Dussander starts to find stray cats and put them in his kitchen oven. He would soon become worse and â€Å"rescue† dogs from a shelter to burn. ( worst part of book. too many details. ) As Todd grades drop further his guidance counselor try’s to set up a meeting between him and his parents. Todd black-males Dussander into pretending that he is his grandfather and proceeds with the meeting without his real parents. Todd is told that if he gets another flunk card that he will have to repeat this grade . One night after having listened too so many of the horrible stories he has a nightmare. These dreams persist for weeks and eventually Todd comes up with a plan to kill dussander. When nightmares continue to get worse Todd stabs a homeless man to death and realizes that murder helps with his stress and the dreams start to go away . he continues to commit murder whenever the dreams get too bad. Dussander starts too do the same as Todd and buries his victims in his basement. towards the end of the story the guidance counselor meets Todd’s real grandfather and starts too talk about the meeting they had and when the grandfather dident remember the conversation he puts the pieces together. CLIMAX chapter 17. his is the climax of the story because at this point the entire story changes. Dussander had a heart attack and this leads to new situations that completely change the story. The resolution of this story is that todd bowden is questrioned by the police. After this he goes to a secret spto on the highway. Gets a gun, and goes on a rampage. Only to end in his own dea th. I think this was a great ending to the story. If fit perfect with all the little details that were put into the book. It all fits together at the end. Characterization Todd Bowden: Main character of the book. He is shown as decieving and mean. Througout the novella todd tricks and manipulated people into doing things that could help himself and hurt others. He is important to the story because without him nothing would have happened and it wouldent be a good book. Arthur Denker AKA Mr. Dussander: main character. Shown as a nice man but forceful when need be and his past shows him as a monster. He is important to the story because he feeds all of todds rage to him and is an antagonist to the story. Todds personality chapter 6. this shows Todds evil side and proves just how much of a monster he can be to put an old man throug this rough time again. Todd is not the kind of person I would like to be friends with. He is a lieing kid who is extremly mean. And throughout the book he is seen by his peers as a loser. Conflict One main conflict in this story is when Todds grades start too fall. He constantly changes them to deceive his parents and when he is confronted by his guidance counselor about it he decides to lie about his situation in hopes to fix it. Todd has Dussander go to the school and talk to the counselor instead of his parent to â€Å" sweep the problem under the rug†. This fixes one of his problems but makes life much more difficult in the rest of the story. I can relate to some of todds problems like falling grades sometimes and feeling like your stuck in a place that your know wont lead anywhere good. But as for the rest of his problems like where to bury his victims I cannot say that I have any experience in. Theme one main theme of this novella is deception and black-male can only get you so far, because when the time comes for the truth it will only bring you down. This is shown when todds grandfather meets the counselor and realizes that todd lied to his parents about his grades and the whole situation unfolds. How to cite English Home Reading Project, Papers

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Lesson 8 Essays - Nephi, Son Of Lehi, Latter Day Saint Movement

Lesson 8 Five Minute Talk Submission Activity Pat Young Nov. 3, 2017 Introduction about myself. I am an convent to the Church at an early age. My next door neighbor invited my sister and I to Church. I started attending the Church by going to what we c all today, Young Men or Young Women. I was there with my older sister at the time, Juanita. We loved going to Church. My mom found out about Seminary and decided that if we loved this Church so much. We should start attending Seminary in the early mornings. I had a very faithful neighbor that would give my sister and I a ride to Seminary each morning. My mom found out again about Church on Sundays. She again wanted us to start attending that as well. We did. Each Sunday we would get up and go to Sunday School. Then, in the after noon return to Church for what was called Sacrament meeting. We were attending pretty much everything you could go to by this time. This went on for over four months, when I started to ask "How do you join this Church?" Much, to the surprise to the people in t he Ward. They had thought we were members. They had no idea that we were not members already. The Ward missionaries at the time were surprised that we were coming to Church, attend Seminary and Young Women's. The only thing we had not done was to read the Book of Mormon before we started our discussions with the full-time missionaries. We started to read the Book of Mormon and we were both baptized on Feb. 9, 1973. On that day I will not forget and a day that helped me understand a very powerful scripture in 1 Nephi 3:7. "I,Nephi,saiduntomyfather:IwillgoanddothethingswhichtheLordhathcommanded,forIknowthattheLordgivethnocommandmentsuntothechildrenofmen,saveheshallprepareawayforthemthattheymayaccomplishthethingwhichhecommandeththem"(1Ne.3:7). IfeelthatscripturehasgreatsignificanceforeveryoneintheChurch,nomatterwhathisor her callingmightbe.ExperiencehastaughtmethattheLorddoespreparethewayifwearediligentandfaithfulindoingourpart. ThewisdomofElderRussellM.Nelsonhasalsobeenhelpful,forhetaughtthatwearenotcalledtopositionsofleadershipforwhatwearebutforwhatwemaybecome.Ihavealotof"becoming"todotobeabletoservetheLordashewouldhavemedo. Another scripture that I would like to reference is in 1 Nephi 3:15 But, behold, I said unto them that "As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the lord hath commanded us. (1 Ne. 3:15 ). I love this scripture of Nephi telling his father that he will go and do the things that the Lord hath commanded them to do. But, also the second scripture confirms that Nephi was not going to go back to his father in the wilderness until he had done what he was sent there to do. I love how Nephi 's love for his earthly father was just as strong as his love for his Heavenly Father. He wanted to do that which he was commanded to do. I have been listening to a lot of General Authories talks lately along with others in the Church education al system. One talk that was very interesting to me was the one I heard recently by Stan Kivett , titled " Finishers Wanted. " Like Nephi we too need to be faithful, humble and help be example to others around us that we will finish the task that the Lord has asked us to do. So, as we face the challenges today, we need to remember Nephi's example that he would not go back until he had accomplish what his father needed him to do. My personal insight in reading the Book of Mormon makes me love that book each time I read it. The spirit and testimony of it is amazing to me each time. I love reading about Nephi as a son to step up and go the extra mile to accomplish his goals. Gives me strength to know, that I to can do the same no matter what calling, task or service I am asked to do. I will not return until I have done my best for my Heavenly Father. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Beatles essays

Beatles essays John, Paul, George, and Ringo formed a group known as the Beatles. They were one the first British rock group of consequence to influence not only American culture but Western culture as well. Me- Im conservative. I feel I need to check things. I was the last to try pot and LSD and floral clothes. Im slower than John, the least likely to succeed in class( Coming from the Liverpool underclass, they were drawn to the rock and roll and rhythm and blues music that celebrated the life of the common man. Elvis, the Man who came before them, symbolized the classless society in America where a poor man can become a king. In the beginning, the Beatles learned their music by copying the American music they loved. As they gained popularity they were commercialized and formed by music promoters. Finally, they developed their skills and style to express themselves and define their own image. It is at this point that The Beatles evolved to become a dominant influence on the Cultural Revolution that began in the 1960s. The later Beatles music would scream the painful song of an abandoned child. John Lennon who was raised in a middle class home in Liverpool, England was the original Beatle. John was abandoned by his parents at a very young age. His father, Alfred Lennon, left the family first after a short, unhappy marriage to Julia Stanley. Later, Julia left John with her sister Mimi Smith to raise when she remarried. After that marriage ended in divorce, she returned to live with John. Unfortunately, this reunion did not last long. The ultimate abandonment occurred when Johns mother died after being hit by a car on Menlove Avenue. Years later John said about his mothers death, It was the worst thing that happened to me. Wed caught up so much, me and Julia. In just a few years. We could communicate. We got on. She was great... That...

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Free Online Classes Directory

Free Online Classes Directory If you’re new to learning through the internet, want to test out a class, need to brush up on some skills for your credit classes, or just want to learn a few new facts, you’ll want to check out one of the many free courses available online. Although these courses don’t provide college credit, they do give students a lot of information and can be a valuable supplement to your regular studies. There are two main types of online courses: independent courses that are made exclusively for the internet, and open courseware classes that are designed for actual classrooms. Independent Courses Independent courses are made especially for e-learners. From poetry to financial planning, theres something out there for everyone.Brigham Young University has a number of online courses offered for credit to paying students, but they also offer free classes that are open to the general public. Although these classes do not offer interaction among peers, they have a sensible set up and often provide useful information. One of the most common subjects offered is genealogy; BYU has quite a few specialized courses to help genealogists locate their personal family information. A number of religious courses are also available.Stanford University offers free lectures, interviews, and material that are avaliable for download on offers a variety of courses that include materials completely online. Some even have free online textbooks. The Information Technology programs are some of the best and include step-by-step instructions on mastering various types of computer skills . The Small Business Administration provides dozens of links to courses that teach you how to plan, start, market, and run a successful business, and also how to apply for grants and loans. The Teaching Company sells audio and video classes taught by top professors. However, if you sign up for their email newsletter, they will send you occasional free lectures that can be downloaded and saved. Open Courseware Open courseware programs are designed to give students around the world access to course materials actually used in university classrooms. Participating colleges post syllabi, assignments, calendars, lecture notes, readings, and other materials online, making it easy for self-learners to study the topic on their own terms. Open courseware programs do not require registration or charge tuition. However, they  do not award credits or allow for interaction with a professor.Want to take an MIT course for free? MIT’s open courseware program offers students around the world access to materials and assignments used in actual classrooms. More than 1,000 courses are currently available.Tufts University also offers a handful of quality open courseware classes as does Utah State University and John Hopkins University.

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Hull City Marketing Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Hull City Marketing Strategy - Essay Example Chocolates are commonly used in Christmas time, which presents a good opportunity for Thornton to promote their products. The company continues to adapt new strategies to meet consumer’s needs and be competitive during Christmas time in Hull. It has established various strategic plans for the business to create a competent organizational process, increase its sales and margins, incentives and measurability. Different media channels will be used to promote the campaign slogan â€Å"Christmas time-chocolate heaven†. The slogan will strengthen the image of Christmas time as a great time to celebrate and have a relaxing moment using Thornton’s range of products such as variety of chocolates wedding favors, corporate gifts, and hampers boxes. The case study of the Company will provide an opportunity to evaluate the whole aspect of planning for considerable growth during Christmas time. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 SWOT MATRI X 5 11 Marketing Objectives 6 111. Target Markets 7 IV Product Offering 8 V. Brand/Product Positioning 8 VI Marketing Strategies 9 Consumer Behavior 9 Marketing Mix For The Marketing Strategy 10 Product 10 Place 11 Price 11 Promotion 12 Vii Implementation and Control 14 Sales Increase Objectives 14 Increased Product/Brand Awareness Objectives 14 Viii Budget 14 Appendix 15 Appendix 1 15 Appendix 2 17 Appendix 3 17 Appendix 4 17 Available at: Financial Times LTD 2012, Thorntons PLC Markets data: 18 Works Cited 19 Introduction Christmas time is an entertaining forum where the concept of gift exchange is much eulogized. It is a season that main waits with expectations as they appreciates and end the year with the loved ones. Indeed, this season raises the need to exchange gifts to the loved ones and as chocolate remains the best gift for someone special. In the British culture, chocolates augment love language and thought as romantic (Hull City, 1961). During Christmas time, most young couple regard exchanging gifts to their partners as a sign of love and appreciation. Particularly, most men pamper their women with gifts as they are beings who are relationship oriented. In most cases, women are given chocolates as presents as it enhances the feeling of being cared, pampered, and loved. Many people believe that there are creative ways of using chocolates in Christmas time besides eating them. For instance, Clayton (2009) believes that it can creatively used in bedroom for sensual treat and a key ingredient of feeling good. Thornton can utilize this to promote their products during Christmas season as a perfect way of showing appreciation to the loved ones and creating a relaxing moment. To promote products, the marketing strategy plan will present a SWOT matrix, identify the marketing objectives along with target group, product/brand positioning, and product offering. Eventually, the compa ny will present the budget implementation and control of marketing planning. This will create a platform to understand the key strategies of being competent during Christmas seasons. In doing this, we will highlight the major competitors of the company to highlight the possible strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses of the